Including relationship once was, at this time there is rules for dating lots of trial offer plus error.

When it comes to dating, we all listen to those rules that we are supposed to follow so that everything goes well and we can find the right man. However, while many of them can be helpful, some prevent us from getting carried away and really being who we are.

If you haven’t had any luck following them, pay attention to the rules you need to break in order for dating to become a great experience.

A very common rule is to wait a certain time before starting a sexual relationship, which is usually at the exact three dates. The problem with this rule is that emotional intimacy is not necessarily achieved in three dates. Time does not correlate with what individuals need to create enjoyable sexual experiences. For some it may take a while, for others less, but it is important to leave this rule behind and seek the trust and feelings that result in a comfortable and safe sexual relationship, whatever time it takes.

Not being the first to call, or to say “I love you” or express any other type of emotion, waiting three days before initiating contact and not showing yourself “needy” are the rules to make it difficult for you to conquer him.

These rules seek protection and avoid exposing yourself to possible rejection. But the reality is that relationships and love are based on honesty and being able to show ourselves emotionally vulnerable.

If you stay away for fear of being rejected, that will prevent spontaneous intimacy from being generated. You can always face rejection and it is not pleasant at all, but it is much better to be true to who we are and what we feel.

Nobody wants their ex to become the talking point on a date. However, if you have just ended a long relationship or marriage it is almost impossible not to mention it if you want to show yourself as you are.

Avoid complaints or criticism about your previous relationship, but there is nothing wrong with talking about your experience in love as long as you assure your new boy that she is somewhat out of the question.

This rule is a pressure that all women face. We have the karma of being a little annoying, anxious and overbearing and that is why we must relax and smile to win a boy.

While I agree that we have to relax and enjoy the moment without trying to analyze everything around us, we do not always have to smile from ear to ear. If you are facing a bad moment or something has bothered you, it is logical to be affected by it.

If you have a more serious personality and not so light and calm, it is essential that you show yourself as you really are, otherwise you will never find the one for you.

Men tend to avoid commitment in the first instance and prefer to avoid many emotions. Therefore, there is a tendency to think that being reserved, avoiding sharing a lot of information and not showing interest in a relationship, is the best way to win a man.

Reality shows the opposite, you must be as you are at all times and vice versa to avoid surprises. If you want a relationship, it is not something you should hide. He has to find you attractive and mysterious for who you really are and not for the image you want to give him.

Many people fear that their date will be horrified by their problems, so they avoid talking about their family problems, illnesses or even their bad mood. But if you are not emotionally stable, have panic attacks, sudden mood swings, or are coming out of a depression, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

We all have problems, to a lesser or greater degree, and we all have some aspects that make us ashamed. Do not be afraid to be honest, you may be surprised and find someone who understands you and with whom you can vent.

Dating rules create pressure, control our behavior, and prevent us from showing ourselves as we really are. The important thing is to do what we feel, to show a genuine image to know if it really is someone with whom you can relate.

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