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Do I have to write the name of the Greek bank? Do I have to write my bank account number? They told me from the registry office that I must necessarily have a current account in an Italian bank, but is it true?

I do not understand you are obliged to have an account with an Italian bank. Enter the coordinates of the Greek account (IBAN) and authorize the officials to carry out any necessary checks.

Hi, I would like to remove a doubt … I am a Romanian girl, I have been working in Italy for 4 years but my contract expires in January, so I will take unemployment and I would like to know if in this situation I will have straight to health assistance … thanks

this post is limited to registration. If you need assistance regarding other issues, I invite you to write to me at my email: andreadambra chiocciolina gmail dot com

Hi I am from albania .I wanted to know if I can take the residence card as well as my husband has been in Italy for 5 years, he too Albanian now he will do the card but I have been rezidente for 2 years .we are married and now in aprille comes the our first child I do not know if I take it through the child anchio.what can you do to have all 3 together with the residence card ???

Hi Andrea my girlfriend is pregnant in 4 months and a week we have been waiting for this baby for a long time and we have tried all the ways to do some analyzes or free visits because we have little money we live in turin but we do not have a residence and for this we were told that we cannot have a health card and we cannot even have the SSN for the culpa of the residence my question I can help someone with advice where you can visit Turin for free pregnancy or if you explain how we can do we desperately await your reply. THANKS A LOT

I recommend that you follow all the steps in the guide for registration. If you have a job it shouldn’t be difficult, if you are both unemployed things get complicated but it’s not impossible to get health care, especially if you are pregnant.

If you continue to have problems, I recommend that you go to the emergency room at the hospital or contact an association such as emergency.

Good morning. I would have a few questions. I am the Polish girl who has lived in Italy for years. I have a driving license, a permanent employment contract, a certificate of indefinite stay and all various documents. I have a big problem. I have a 16 year old daughter. She is also Polish. He has attended school from kindergarten until today (upper third). I’d like to get you documents. For now he has only had his passport. My problem is this. I’d like to get her health card because she never got it. I should put the resistance on her. I still have the old resistance where I was not allowed to put my daughter before. Now I have changed the house. And I understand that my contract is not registered and is valid for one year. The landlady does not want me to take up residence. This leads to the fact that again I cannot register my daughter. And I can’t get you a health card without a residence. I would like to know if I can change the residence from the old house to the house I have been in for almost two years without the knowledge of the owner of the house or do I need her documents and location contract (which is not there)? I would like to finally regularize my daughter in Italy.

your message leaves me speechless. If I understand correctly you have been living and working in Italy for years, you have a work contract, a sixteen year old daughter (born in Italy?) Who has attended the Italian school since kindergarten and has not yet (never) had the health card or residence (???).