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I asked the municipality where I moved to live with my Italian partner for the permanent residence card, but it was refused. I am now registered in the employment center, but the ASL does not want to give me a doctor because of my dismissal! to specify that I need treatment and I do not know where to go, also because I have to have a second surgery soon !!!!! please help me! thanks.

if you are not a resident you have the right to register with the ASL (see previous comments) let alone if you are already a resident!

Hello everyone, I have 1 problem and I hope you give me good advice, I am Italian and I married in 2000 1 girl from the Czech Republic with whom I had 2 children, their 3 years also the Czech citizenship, in addition to this he was issued the card Czech health care for them 3 since 2000, today we have the news that they have to pay all the visits made during the holidays here by their grandparents, visits to the dentist, eye pediatrician, x 1 amount of 1500 euros since they had not to use the Czech Samnite card issued to them, Summary, Czech wife, children born in Italy and residing in Italy as their mother, double residence, and in the Czech Republic issued by their other Samnite card which they now say is valid. if everything goes in the worst cases where you have to pay, do you know if the last 5 years have had to pay like us?

Hi, I wanted to bring to your attention the problems I am encountering in registering a citizen with a Spanish passport who is studying here in Italy.

The official of my city refuses because according to him “voluntary registration” with the SSN is not good as an insurance policy, on the contrary, registration with the SSN through form S1 / E106 fully meets the requirements. Now I ask myself the two inscriptions, even if in different ways, are they not the same thing? Let me explain: I with the E106 model (which unfortunately I cannot obtain since this girl does not reside in Spain but comes from Argentina where she applied for and obtained the community passport) I practically prove that I am insured in my country and by virtue of this I do not need in any way to contribute financially, so I have a free registration to the SSN. In the other case, one pays annually (€ 149.77) to enroll, as a student, precisely because he has no health care entity behind him, but in both cases the result is the same: he is enrolled in the SSN, with same rights and duties of Italian citizens as per decree. Why this discrepancy? How should I behave?

I was then denied voluntary enrollment at the ASL, because since it is based on the calendar year I should do it in 2015. Is this really the case? Shouldn’t it start on the day I stipulate it and be valid for one year?

Already the c.d. “Voluntary registration” is nonsense for those who have the right to register with the S.S.N. let’s not talk about the rest of the story!

I advise you to follow the instructions given to everyone else: put everything in black and white and wait for the written answer. I also think you could contact SOLVIT, in the meantime there will be news soon …

I am a Polish girl. I have a problem with residence and I don’t know how to overcome it alone. In the office, the registry office asks me for financial resources – okay. But they want me to open an account in Italy and to make money. I am engaged, according to them he cannot sign a declaration that he keeps me because we are not married. I don’t want to marry him in Italy at the moment. In your opinion, in the SUBSTITUTE DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATION I can put the Polish bank account number ???

Hi Andrea. I did everything as you said before, I didn’t put any bank account number.