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According to Blueface’s 2017 BCT, consumers (50.2%) still prefer calling a corporate landline number over a mobile number. If your landlines don’t work, you are losing money!

Another cause of the increase in costs could be that the problems related to your physical switchboard are too complicated for your team.

Unless you have your IT Manager on site, you will have to rely on your supplier. With most providers shifting from traditional to IP telephony this will soon become a challenge.

Finally, spare parts: sometimes it is impossible to acquire them, and even if you manage to do it, they will probably be second-hand, very expensive, with a shorter life and with no warranty.

The speed at which new tools are introduced has significantly doubled compared to just 5 years ago. New technologies, new uses and new additions are increasingly on the agenda.

It has been estimated that the Internet of Things will reach a value of $ 267 billion (by 2020) and all this is also due to the integration of various elements. Technology, after all, is not something that works independently of the ecosystem of use, but rather it is increasingly the integration between platforms that makes the difference in this context.

In a nutshell, first we had mobile phones and the internet, then combined they became an irreplaceable part of life, then smartphones were integrated with fixed telephony through the use of the internet and so on …

Regardless of whether your company is ready or not, adapting to new technological standards is essential for a company in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Traditional telephone systems were not designed to integrate with new technologies but essentially to make calls on a large scale. Without proper updating, you could lose crucial features like call logging (Compliance), analytics (Strategic HR), and customer data (CRM).

A big advantage you would get by moving to a cloud PBX would be that you can easily monitor and manage all your services from a dedicated Unified Communications portal.

If your business is growing rapidly and you have an old telephone system, sooner or later you will need to consider switching to a new PBX.

For growing companies, managing scalability (new employees, new markets) can be very expensive and involve long-term contracts. The same goes for companies that instead decide to close some offices.

Moreover, to remain competitive in a period characterized by constant technological evolution, flexibility has become a determining factor for companies in any sector. With a traditional physical switchboard, the time and costs required to implement any update would be enormous, thus compromising the company’s competitiveness.

This concept also applies to job management. This is why more and more companies are using remote working to promote flexibility, and consequently greater efficiency, of their employees.

It is extremely difficult to promote flexible working among employees when you still have a physical PBX. Taking days to set up basic features like voicemail or call forwarding is something that would take minutes to switch to a cloud PBX.

Some of the largest telecom providers around the world have already stopped offering traditional PSTN telephony. Others have already published a roadmap for total migration to IP telephony.

So, regardless of all the factors we have listed, in the end, you may have no choice but to start looking for other solutions for a cutting-edge telephone system.

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